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Physiotherapy theory and practice



Jacek Biernacki, Marian Majchrzycki (eds.)


Physiotherapy theory and practice


Miejsce i rok wydania: Poznań 2011

Wydanie: pierwsze

Objętość: s. 164

Format: 165x235mm

Oprawa: miękka

ISBN 978-83-60038-30-7

Cena: 27 zł



PrefaceThis monograph contains peer-reviewed papers on physiotherapy, covering theoretical and practical methods of rehabilitation of patients with different locomotor dysfunctions.

The first part of the monograph covers theoretical papers which present different issues relevant in daily therapeutic practice. The next part of the papers covers the use of postural-stability tests and the importance of neurophysiological examinations in physiotherapeutic diagnostics and practice. Issues of quality of life evaluation in patients undergoing manual therapy and the use of laser biostimulation in patients with cervical spine pain syndrome are covered in interesting way. Issues of the use of physiotherapy in martial art athletes are also covered.

The second part, the practical one, covers headache management with the use of myofascial techniques, stress control with the use of massage and stretching. This part of the monograph contain the coverage of modern methods of treatment for patients with idiopathic scoliosis and patients after motor system injuries.

This monograph is mainly a collection of demonstrative papers based on data from Polish and international scientific literature, with the consideration of Evidence Based Medicine. The monograph is a new theoretical and practical contribution, essential for the regular physiotherapeutic practice.





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