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Controversial cults



Maciej Szostak (red.)


Controversial cults

Various approaches


Miejsce i rok wydania: Poznań 2013

Wydanie: pierwsze

Objętość: s. 412

Format: 150x240mm

Oprawa: miękka

ISBN 978-83-60038-37-6

Cena: 49 zł




Z recenzji Ever since ancient times cults, with their religious faith and “chosen way of life”, have generated debates, negative feelings, hatred even. As intricate and puzzling as the people who create and adhere to them, it is the social phenomena originating and accompanying their evolution that still incite the responsible researcher. Our days have witnessed, in relation to this or that cult, everything from astonishment, repulsion, intrigued disbelief, amazement, social isolation, newspaper headlines, to crimes, collective suicides, modern slavery, drugs, sex and violence.

For these few (and many more) obvious reasons, this latest book on cults is in our opinion of great importance. Besides its rich and well documented content, the book surprises with its multilateral and enlightening approach, allowing the reader to understand the present, as well as past cults in all their complexity.

In our opinion, the scholarly quality of its successive chapters qualify the book to be one of the best recent works in that area of interest.


Prof. Sorin Alamoreanu, Ph.D.



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Table of Contents (Spis treści)

Preface (Wstęp)

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