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For foreigners

Why we need you?


You are:










person who wants and knows how:


To become successful;


To achieve a lot in life;


To be the first;


To build the future he/she always dreamt about.


We need you! Become a student of WSPiA!




Traditionally, all great people studied abroad! Choose Europe and WSPiA and show the world who you are!



Benefits from studying in Poznań:



Poznań is the perfect place for an international student. Here students from different countries are easily integrated into multinational European student environment, find good friends and useful contacts.



Being one of the biggest cities of EU member-state, Poznań is one of the safest cities in the world. Local population is kind-hearted, very friendly towards foreigners (especially international students), and you will feel maximal comfort here.



Life in Poznań is pleasant and affordable for students from abroad. Prices on accommodation, public transport, food etc. do not call for big expenses; therefore you will be able to live comfortably here.



Poznań provides limitless opportunities for clever and purposeful young people like you!



Benefits from studying at WSPiA



We will help you to receive all necessary documents (visa, residence permit etc.).


You can contact WSPiA at any time and receive an answer to any question.


WSPiA enables its students to combine studies with work.


You (just like all our students) will be sent on an obligatory work practice to a company, which corresponds to your field of studies.


If you enter WSPiA, this already means, that you are the one, who knows how to achieve success and already started walking in its direction.



Available Courses



Please contact our Erasmus+ Coordinator to check which courses are going to be started in current academic semester.

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