The Law-Master studies

Labour law - staff and wages

The addressees Graduates of the first and second cycle studies interested in the issues of labour law, in particular the employers, directors and staff personnel (human resources) workers from the area of public administration and the business sector.Description

The aim of the studies is to provide knowledge of individual and collective labour law. The knowledge gained during the studies is based on the current state of law, the current amendments to the labour code and other legal acts from the scope of labour law, including the case-law of the Court. The program was created with the intention of covering not only the theoretical knowledge but also practical skills (employee selection, shaping relationships in the professional environment, record-keeping and organization of working time).

The duration

2 semesters

The number of hours

190 hours of teaching2700 PLN, 10 installments: 270 PLN

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Wyższa Szkoła Pedagogiki i Administracji im. Mieszka I w Poznaniu
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