Care Cosmetology

The addressees These studies are directed to those who want to raise their qualifications, learn new skills and expand their knowledge regarding cosmetics and cosmetology.Description

After graduating the student will have knowledge and skills from the scope of the most frequently performed beauty treatments (facial and body care). The graduate will be able to properly find, schedule and deliberately carry out treatments such as facial massage, cleansing, the care of various types of skin, upper and lower limb care, depilation, body treatments.

The duration

2 semesters

The number of hours

260 teaching hours2500 PLN, 10 installments: 250 PLN

Theatrical and television styling

The addressees The studies are suitable for graduates of the first and second cycle interested in make-up, care and characteristic who would like to work in the field of television, the film industry, television, Web or advertising.Description

The graduates will have the professional knowledge and skills in styling forms, make-up works, body painting, visage and fashion, professional facial and body make-up, special effects make-up and prosthetics, make-up for film, theatre, fashion shows, photoshoots AND artistic photo sessions.

The duration

2 semesters

The number of hours320 teaching hours2500 PLN, 10 installments: 250pln

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