As society becomes older and the birth rate is reduced, the need for profession of a physiotherapist is highly increasing. Graduates of this major will aid patients in recovering after long-term treatment, long immobilization of injuries, help in the process of healing chronic diseases, genetic defects and a variety of congenital dysfunctions.Completion of the physiotherapy major opens vast employment opportunities in the country and abroad. It allows you to continue research activities and teaching.

Physiotherapy graduates will be able to find employment in:

  •  hospital departments,
  •  health facilities for dealing with people with disabilities,
  •  sports centres
  •  rehabilitation clinics,
  •  research units
  •  private treatment rooms.

They will be prepared for shaping, maintaining and restoring physical efficiency of people of different ages, lost or reduced as a result of various diseases or injuries. They will be able to work independently with sick and disabled people, using various preventative and therapeutic purposes. They will have knowledge and necessary skills to carry out research into functional diagnostics, to plan and control the effectiveness of medical rehabilitation process, direct a therapeutic team, conduct vocational training in the field of basic physiotherapy procedures and teach vocational subjects. Graduates of the 2nd cycle studies will be able to continue education on doctoral studies.Study programme gives the opportunity to choose one of the majors:

Physical therapy of the elderly people

A graduate of the major will have knowledge in the following areas: gerontology, geriatric rehabilitation, old-age diseases, physical activity, nursing, psychology, medical equipment.Graduates of this major will be able to find employment in hospitals and clinics with geriatric wards, treatment and rehabilitation centers for the elderly, social welfare homes. They will be prepared for the opening of their own rehabilitation activities.

Physiotherapy in sports with a touch of wellness

A graduate of the major will have knowledge in the following areas: physiology of exercise, health training, sports massage, physiotherapy, physical therapy, hydrotherapy in sports, taping concept in sports and many others. In addition,. He will be familiar with the most common injuries and their comprehensive rehabilitation. They will be acquainted with a wide range of methods employed in biological regeneration among sportsmen. They will be prepared to work in the SPA and wellness industry, sports clubs and rehabilitation centres and will be prepared for the opening of their own businesses.

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