The graduate of Pedagogy will have general pedagogical, sociological and psychological knowledge needed in society to: function on the labour market, understand the socio-cultural context of education, care and upbringing and support the work of correctional facilities. The studies are conducted in the intramural and extramural form.

Description of the specialties and selected majors and specialization modules



The graduate of the major will be equipped with knowledge and competencies needed to treat social maladjustment and react in difficult situations involving the youth. He will also be prepared to take practical measures to assist in the optimal socialization of isolated people and work in prison systems, activating individuals into action and supporting their creative functioning in society.


The basic task of a professional advisor is to help individuals in the design and implementation of career paths and to consult institutions in the process of employee selection. The graduate of the major will acquire the skills necessary to work as advisors: they will participate in vocational training, obtain computer skills and get familiar with issues of recruitment, training and professional development. Graduates will be able to take a job in labour offices, bodies of local government, schools and educational establishments, psychological and pedagogical clinics, counseling centers, all workplaces (as labour specialist), diagnostic centres and HR departments of companies.

Teaching, Care and Hospice Education

The graduate of the major will gain theoretical and methodological knowledge of the educational and care-educational sector, gaining qualifications to work as a teacher in various educational institutions (schools, school support and intervention centres and socialization centres). The student prepares to develop educational strategies to promote the development of students, balancing their chances of social, cultural and educational success.

Pre-school and Elementary Education (with teacher training)

Carrying out the major program, the student will acquire knowledge of pedagogy, psychology and child development in the preschool and early-school education setting. The programme includes: getting familiar with the functioning and organization of integrated education in classes I-III as well as with the core curriculum and basic theories and practicalities of teaching methodology. The studies prepare the graduate to work in kindergartens.



The graduate is prepared, depending on the major selected, to work: in the education and care-educational sector, institutions of prevention, intervention and social assistance, cultural institutions, and governmental and non-governmental organizations (associations, foundations). Graduates may also pursue their own innovative ideas and set up private business in the sector widely understood social services. Graduating from Pre-school and Elementary Education, he can work as a teacher in pre-school establishments and classes I, II and III. Graduates of the BA degree have the opportunity to take a complementary master's degree, and post-graduate studies.

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