Graduates of studies in the field of Administration obtain knowledge of the administration of various governmental structures, local governments, unions and non-profit institutions in different spheres of activity. The implemented curricula prepare students to undertake independent economic activities in terms of their specialties.


Public Administration

This major prepares one to work in the structures of public administration. By providing high quality education in the field of law and administrative procedures, the system of local government, economy, civil affairs and local fees the studies prepare would-be clerks and officials to face the challenges of modern administration.

Security and Public Order

These studies prepare one for work in institutions related to security and public order. This is a challenge for the person involved, understand the essence of the wider security of the State. Knowledge of the humanities as well as being familiar with the functioning of social and legal frameworks will allow the graduate to understand the processes related to changes both at home and in the European Union, will enable him to function in situations affecting the security of persons and property.

The Administration in The Justice System

Mieszko I School of Pedagogy and Administration in Poznań is the only University in Poland which educates students in the major of Administration in Justice. This major is the response to the changes to the Act of 18 December 1998 (OJ No 162, item 1115, as amended) on employees of the courts and the public prosecutor's Office, the Act of 9 May 2007 (OJ No 102, item 960), which obliges the justice system workers to supplement their education within 10 years. The taught contents from the scope of the organization of the justice system will allow the graduate to understand the functioning of the judiciary system in Poland. In particular, the graduate will obtain qualifications and professional skills necessary to work in the following organizations: the judiciary, the judiciary and administration, the penitentiary system, the regime and the land registry organizations, organs of civil law, criminal law, labour law and financial law, units dealing with legal proceedings (civil, criminal, bankruptcy) and the protection of personal data.

Public Administration in the Economy

The major program prepares professionals to get familiar with the theory and practice of the functioning of enterprises in a market economy. Graduates will be prepared to work in the institutions of public administration dealing with the development of economic activities, construction supervision, management of public property.

Educational Administration

The graduate will be prepared to work in the system of education: regional school inspectorates, schools and universities. He will know the rules for the administration of education in Poland and all over the world, rules for record-keeping at school and in other educational establishments. He will be familiar with the rules of education law and the higher education law.Fiscal AdministrationThe completion of the major allows the student to gain knowledge of the law and the penal law of tax revenue, as well as the basics of accounting and economic analysis. 


Graduates will be able to apply for a job in: the state government and local government bodies, the courts and the public prosecutor's offices, the revenue and tax offices, the police, border guard, fire brigades, military police, fire protection of rail, the customs service, the Municipal Guard (the city), detective agencies, agencies of protection of persons and property, foundations and associations, enterprises and the European Union administrative bodies.

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